We are proud to supply SGS Minerals with a Multi Gravity Separator (MGS) machine for utilisation at its metallurgical laboratory located at Wheal Jane Mine; the birth place of MGS technology. With an MGS, SGS provides bankable testing services to help clients reach their technical milestones. Gravity Mining has spent the last two years working closely with The Camborne School Of Mines developing the machine to bring it into line with today’s industry expectations and emerging technology.


Gravity Mining Ltd is excited to be conducting on-site test work at the new Wolf Hemerdon tungsten and tin mine in Devon, UK. Early testing has shown excellent results on the low intensity magnetic separator tailings stream. Subsequent testing on the fine particle concentrate tailings, from the shaking tables, has revealed the potential for some excellent results. Test work continues…


Gravity Mining's MGS showed excellent results on our project of beneficiation of old lead slags. We have been trying numerous beneficiation processes before which didn't even come close to Gravity's MGS. Additional testing is in progress also for other mineral types which also shows amazing results.


PRG has worked with Gravity Mining on equipment design and variety of projects on tantalum, tungsten, tin, copper, lead and zinc, to name a few. There has been an excellent cooperation between the two companies for many years now.


"I believe MGS is one of the best equipment for recovery of fine heavy mineral particles" - Hamid Hedayati (Cimaghand CO, Iran.) Economic metal recovered by MGS - Tungsten.

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